Motivation and objective

Brain tissue segmentation in MRI scans of adults is one of the classic image analysis problems dating back to 1985. Segmentation of brain tissue in MRI scans of neonates, on the other hand, is a relatively new area of research that is posed as a much more challenging image analysis problem. The main challenges in neonatal brain MR scans as opposed to adult scans are higher levels of noise, reduced contrast between tissue types, imaging at different stages during rapid brain development, white matter myelination, and increased partial volume effects. Some of the major challenges in adult MR brain segmentation are currently to develop robust and reproducible quantification methods, in the presence of noise, artefacts, pathology, and reduced contrast.

The main academic objective of the NEATBrainS15 workshop is to compare and discuss the performance of algorithms in segmenting gray matter, white matter and cerebrospinal fluid in adult versus neonatal brain MRI scans, and to discuss the similarities and differences between these two areas of research.


Medical image analysis challenges provide a great platform for evaluating and comparing image processing algorithms for specific tasks. In this workshop we would like to exploit two challenges that we have previously organized. The first challenge is the NeoBrainS12 challenge on brain tissue segmentation in MR scans of neonates. The second challenge is the MRBrainS13 challenge on brain tissue segmentation in MR
scans of adults. Both challenges are open for new contributions. Researchers can download the training and test data, apply their segmentation algorithms and submit their results. For more information about these challenges, please visit the NeoBrainS12 and MRBrainS13 challenge websites.

We challenge researchers to apply their algorithms to both these challenges.

Call for papers

We invite submission of papers that

  • Present novel segmentation methods evaluated on neonatal (preterm and term born), pediatric or adult brain MR scans;
  • Describe the results and discuss the major issues encountered when applying a novel or already published method to both the neonatal (NeoBrainS12) and adult (MRBrainS13) MR scans;

Submitted papers are limited to a maximum of 6 pages using the ISBI manuscript template. Please submit a paper describing your method and evaluation by submitting it to the Midas issue and mailing it to before January 31st February 22nd 2015.



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